What have others said about Professor Rich’s magic shows?

Kids’ Magic and Family Magic

“Professor Rich is VERY kid-friendly.”

Director of Children’s Choice, Santee

“The show was so amazing!!! I can’t believe you were able to keep them sitting for so long!”

Carla F., birthday mom

“He made the birthday boy feel extra-special.”

Monica B., birthday mom

“From the first moment you held the children’s interest…They THOROUGHLY ENJOYED your presentation!”

Former PTA President of Eugene Field School

“You have a talent for holding the children’s attention.”

Montessori School House

“I’m still amazed that you kept the attention of so many children for so long!”

Michael S., birthday dad

“He is WONDERFUL with kids.”

Amy L., birthday mom

“You are a funny man.”

Lionel, age 7

“I am so happy that I went with Professor Rich. He had every single child laughing for the whole 45 minutes. ”

Rosa S., birthday mom

“He had the kids screaming with laughter and amazement for over 45 min. That’s 45 minutes when neither I nor the other parents had to worry about 25 screaming kids and could actually enjoy some food and adult company! Worth every penny!”

Maureen S., birthday mom

“I hired Professor Rich for my wife’s birthday party. The party consisted of kids as young as 2 and adults over 70 — Professor Rich did an AMAZING job entertaining the whole party. His show uses a lot of audience participation, so everyone felt like they were part of it. He brought all his own supplies, and was very professional and punctual. I would HIGHLY recommend him for any family event! Both kids and adults will really enjoy the show. Thanks.”

Viraaj K., party host

Adult Magic (Video reviews of Rich’s adult magic are on the ADULTS page. )

“You keep getting rave reviews! You worked so well with our complete chaos and helped us make the dinner much smoother than if you had not been there!”

GTC Systems, Inc.

“Your mingling magic, where you went from group to group and did magic right under our noses, was INCREDIBLE! You have quick hands!”

Sandy L., party host

“One employee in particular, who is familiar with a lot of magical tricks, commented on how even he was stumped on a lot of the tricks you performed!”

Office Manager, Straub Construction, Inc.

“From the very young to the senior crowd, all have been amazed at the magical moments Professor Rich has created.”

Former Manager, Marriott Hotel’s Sea Grill Restaurant

“Do that again!”

Muhammed Ali

“He WOW-ed us all. Very, very pleased and I highly recommend him.”

Marc M., party host

“Your table-to-table magic was particularly enjoyable and a fun touch.”

Former chairman of American Mensa, Ltd.

“Everyone loved the act!”

Gordon B., 50th wedding anniversary

“You were GREAT! Everybody really enjoyed it!”

Former manager of Carlsbad Starbucks

“Many thanks for a marvelous time and for a marvelous bag of tricks!”

Martin K., party host

“Words cannot describe how good you did for us at the ‘Sneak Peek’ Grand Opening.”

24-Hour fitness

“Great job! It was so wonderful to see so many people laughing.”

Pam M., SDUSD fund-raiser

” I was blown away!”

Jill P., July 4 picnic

(Video reviews of Rich’s adult magic are on the ADULTS page. )